Leadding Setter of International Standards for Ganoderma lucidum / Dendrobium Officinale     Stock Symbol:603896 Welcome to ShouXianGu Pharmaceutical!

Corporate Culture

Ancestral instruction

Seek good medicine with great virtue, benefit the people with sincere kindness.

Enterprise Purpose

Develop natural organic products to serve for people’s health, beauty and longevity.

Enterprise Mission

Practise medicine to help the people, carry forward Chinese food medicine culture, and advocate green consumption based.


Enterprise Spirit

Innovation, integrity, efficiency, dedication to work, harmony, and devotion.

Enterprise Vision

Build ShouXianGu into top organic TCM brand and establish a century-old “ShouXianGu”.

Operation Principle Improve people’s living condition, pay high attention to morality, and extract the essence to benefit the people; put people first, take scientific innovation as the lead, and regard product quality as life.


Be honest and good

Food and medicine are crucial to people’s life and health. They can never be neglected. Sticking to the theory of “Man is an integral part of nature” and the ancestral instruction of “Seek good medicine with great virtue, benefit the people with sincere kindness”, ShouXianGu has absorbed the essence of ancient medicine to create modern high-grade, high-precision, and advanced technology. Insisting that.