Leadding Setter of International Standards for Ganoderma lucidum / Dendrobium Officinale     Stock Symbol:603896 Welcome to ShouXianGu Pharmaceutical!


ShouXianGu Botanical Co., Ltd.

ShouXianGu Shop, founded in the first year of Xuantong in the Qing Dynasty (1909), was restructured into ShouXianGu Botanical Co., Ltd. (ShouXianGu for short below) in 1997.

It is located in Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province.

The Demonstration Area of Hot Spring Ecological Health-preserving Industry in China. 

As a national high-tech enterprise and a time-honored Chinese brand enterprise,

ShouXianGu is a Vice President Company of China Edible Fungi Association and China Medicine Education Association, Vice Chairman Unit of China Time-honored Brand International Exchange Center, 

President Company of China Sub-Health Research Association, Vice President Company of Zhejiang Association of Chinese Medicine and President Company of Zhejiang TCM Industry Association. 

In May 2017, ShouXianGu (603896) got listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, representing the first stock in China's ganoderma lucidum and dendrobium officinale industries.


The company has upheld the ancestral motto of "focusing on morality, seeking superior medicine, being honest and good at helping the people", abided by the enterprise tenet to "serve the people's health, beauty and longevity and create a century-old ShouXianGu", aimed to "build No.1 organic TCM brand",

and made persistent efforts to breed improved varieties of rare and precious traditional Chinese medicinal materials including dendrobium officinale, ganoderma lucidum and crocus sativus, ecological organic cultivation, 

TCM processing techniques and R&D of new products. In November 2014, "Wuyi Shouxiangu TCM Processing Technology" was enrolled in the "List of Representative National Intangible Cultural Heritage Projects" by the State Council.

Our team

The company has a high-caliber scientific research team composed of experts and scholars who have mastered a number of cutting-edge technologies and specialized in medicine, pharmacy and nutrition. 

At present, the company has 96 researchers, 12 of whom hold senior titles and 3 are doctors. 

There are also 52 engineering and technical personnel with bachelor's degree or above, and members of the R&D team are engaged in a variety of majors, including medicine, pharmacy, Chinese pharmacy, food, edible fungus, microorganism, chemical detection and inspection, agriculture, nutrition, biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, etc.

Scientific Research

The company has set up a number of provincial research and development institutions, including the "Academicians & Experts Workstation", 

"Zhejiang Engineering Technology Research Center of Rare Medicinal Plants", "Zhejiang ShouXianGu Institute of Rare Medicinal Plants" and "Zhejiang Engineering Research Center of Dendrobium Officinale Stem". 

The company has put into place an exchange platform for industry, education and research through joint efforts with authoritative research institutions including Peking University Health Science Center, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang University, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 302 Military Hospital of China and Guang'anmen Hospital.

The company has also served as a training base of Spark Program of Zhejiang Province, a doctoral practice base of Tsinghua University and an agricultural and biotechnology experiment base of Zhejiang University, etc.