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TCM Base Tour

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About the TCM Base

Organic TCM Base of ShouXianGu

To produce high-quality products and genuine medicinal materials, ShouXianGu, with the strong support of the local government, has built standardized breeding bases in pollution-free and scenic Yuankou, Liuxiulong and other places to breed precious traditional Chinese medicinal materials and medicinal and edible mushrooms including dendrobium officinale stem, red ganoderma lucidum and crocus sativus. 

In addition to the production method of "unified land leasing and direct planting management", ShouXianGu has put into place the traceability system of product ID card and established and improved the Quality Control system.


Intelligent Greenhouse for Wild-imitated Organic Breeding of Ganoderma Lucidum

In December 2004, the Organic TCM Base of ShouXianGu was granted the label of China's organic product for the first time, and got it in each of the following years.

In December 2008, the Base passed the certification of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). 

In March 2012, the Base passed the certification of GAP base of traditional Chinese medicinal materials by China Food and Drug Administration. 

From 2011 to 2019, such rare medicinal plants as dendrobium officinale stem, ganoderma lucidum and crocus sativus planted, produced and process in the Base were granted the labels of China's organic product, EU organic product and the US organic product and passed the GAP certification. 

All these qualifications strongly prove that the traditional Chinese medicinal materials and food produced in the Base are natural, organic, safe and pollution-free.


Intelligent Greenhouse for Wild-imitated Organic Breeding of Dendrobium officinale

Organic TCM Base of ShouXianGu has been successively recognized as Genuine Ganoderma Lucidum and Dendrobium officinaleVarieties Protection and Standardized Planting Demonstration Base by China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Organic Food Production Base by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment; "Pharmaceutical Science Popularization and Demonstration Base" by China Association of Chinese Medicine and China Association for Science and Technology, "National Agricultural Science Popularization and Demonstration Base for Youth" by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, 

High-quality Genuine Medicinal Materials Demonstration Base of Zhejiang Province, 

Agricultural Park Dendrobium Boutique Park of Zhejiang Province (the first in Zhejiang Province), 

TCM Culture & Wellness Tourism Demonstration Base of Zhejiang Province (the first in Zhejiang Province) and "Genuine Medicinal Garden" of a "Provincial Five-park Construction Demonstration Base" in the planting industry of Zhejiang province.



Intelligent Greenhouse for Wild-imitated Organic Breeding of Crocus sativus

After inspection visits to the Organic TCM Base of ShouXianGu,

the national, provincial, municipal and county leaders and experts believed that the organic agricultural development mode of ShouXianGu has greatly facilitated the transformation of agricultural production and management mode in China and advanced the progress of agricultural science and technology and the development of modern agriculture. 

Further, it holds great importance to strengthen environmental protection, ensure food safety, lead the development of modern agriculture, improve the agricultural competitiveness, encourage farmers to carry out organic planting and achieve rural revitalization.