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Good News: ShouXianGu Wins Highest Investment Value Award and Best Secretary of Board Award at Listed Company Golden Bull Award Ceremony

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2019 Summit Forum of Promoting the Quality of Listed Companies, aka the 21st Listed Company Golden Bull Award Ceremony, was held in Beijing on 31st October. ShouXianGu (603896), the first stock listed on the Ganoderma lucidum industry of Shanghai mainboard, won Highest Investment Value Award of 2018. DONG Guofang, Secretary of Board of ShouXianGu, won Best Secretary of Board Award of 2018.

Golden Bull Listed Company Summit Forum is an authoritative and influential event in the capital market. The award, having been held for 21 times, covers multiple fields, including public-equity fund, private-equity fund, listed company, securities analyst, overseas fund, and PE fund, making it the most influential award in the capital market of China. 

The Highest Investment Value Award takes four indexes into consideration: profitability of listed company, solvency, asset management capacity, and growth capacity during the past three years, aiming to give commendation to enterprises which pay high attention to long-term development and discover “lowland of value” for investors.


This year the award, with “Quality development of listed companies” as the theme, developed a stricter standard for quality companies. A batch of listed companies with excellent performance and management regulations out of over 3,600 listed companies in A share market won the Highest Investment Value Award. And less than 70 secretaries of board won Best Secretary of Board Award for their insistence on public, transparent information and positive contribution in building a close bond between their enterprise and investors. Winning both awards proves that ShouXianGu has won the heart of investors in hard power and soft power.

Besides reflecting capital market’s recognition of our standard operation, effective management, and stable development, the two awards also manifest ShouXianGu’s outstanding achievements in sustainable development, profitability, shareholder returns and other aspects. In the future ShouXianGu will keep making innovation and improving the output and conversion of innovation achievements, so as to provide stronger power for industrial innovation.

The truth that ShouXianGu (603896) stands out from so many listed companies and becomes one of those with the highest investment value not only is a full recognition of our management and investment value but reflects that all parts of the capital market are satisfied with our performance in shareholder returns, profitability, financial security, sustainable development.

A pioneer in health care industry, ShouXianGu will take it as an opportunity to further carry out the reform, perfect enterprise management, and enhance quality development. Sticking to the theory of “Build No.1 organic TCM brand and develop a century-old ShouXianGu” and the principle of “Serve for people’s beauty, health and longevity”, we’ll keep improving our service and products, leading the industry to develop in a benign, innovative way, positively handling the trend of the market, and making contribution to the sustainable development of health care industry.