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Renowned Health Expert WENG Chaoming Visited ShouXianGu for Inspection

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Accompanied by the Chairman of ShouXianGu LI Mingyan and Supervisory Board Head XU Zigui, Prof. WENG Chaoming, a member of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) and a famous health expert, visited the ShouXianGu to inspect the company’s inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medical culture on 21 July 2016. 

Prof. WENG, a graduate in Clinical Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, was once a TCM specialist of the Peking University Health Science Center People’s Hospital and the advocator and system builder of “culture-body-mind” holistic health. 

He currently serves as the member of the National Health Management Standard Setting Committee and WFCMS Cardiovascular Committee as well as CCTV-Health Channel’s specially-appointed leading health expert, having delivered a series of public lectures and carried out health knowledge popularization activities of all kinds to actively facilitate the promotion and implementation of TCM cultural concepts.

“ShouXianGu is a time-honored Chinese company and national high-tech enterprise that inherits traditional Chinese medical culture and integrates modern science and technology innovations. All TCM practitioners share a common goal, that is, to promote traditional Chinese medical culture and ShouXianGu has been at the forefront in this regard. I am willing to cooperate with the company to do something meaningful for the public health and to jointly promote the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medical culture.” Prof. WENG said.