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Media Delegation Chooses ShouXianGu as the First Stop of Their “Supervision of the Safe Production of Health Food” Tour

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Food is what comes first to human, and safety is what comes first to food. A media delegation, consisting of Xinhua Net, China News Network, Zhejiang branch of China News Service, Youth Times, China.org.cn, Phoenix New Media and other province-level or state-level media, visited ShouXianGu on 10th December, aiming to make sure enterprises take their responsibility to take care of food safety, focus on the supervision of health care food, explore the key risk prevention and control system of enterprises with safe food production, and help create a safe, reliable food safety environment. 

Organized by Zhejiang Administration for Market Regulation and focusing on the supervision of the safe production of health food, this event aims to put the activities of “Safe consumption in Zhejiang” and “Enterprises should take the major social responsibility” in practice through all-media, multi-channel, multi-level, online/offline ganged reports.


ShouXianGu was selected as the first stop. WANG Ying, Executive Deputy General Manager, and ZOU Jianhua, Director of Planning and Promotion, accompanies the delegation and introduced our safe food production at ShouXianGu Yuankou Organic TCM Base.

The reporters listened to the introduction, got to know better about “medicinal and edible” rare herbs, such as Dendrobium officinale stem and Ganoderma lucidum, in multiple aspects, including excellent breeding, organic cultivation imitating wild conditions, intensive processing, and management achievements, and thus witnessed the integration between traditional food production crafts and modern technology and the seamless connection between standardized production and food safety management.

Later the delegation visited ShouXianGu Health Industrial Park, experiencing the development, cultural construction, and safe production of our company.

While being asked how ShouXianGu managed to take the major responsibility of safe food production, Deputy General Manger XU Jing introduced that the company has built a solid wall to protect safe food production relying on a quality control system of the whole industrial chain, which covers the breeding of seeds and seedlings, the organic cultivation of raw materials, intensive processing of products, whole-process test, and other aspects. Among them the breeding of seeds and seedlings is the most important step. 

Only good seeds can make good medicine. So we have to select and breed varieties with excellent nature and high content of active ingredients to guarantee the supply of genuine medicinal herbs.

Taking responsibility of food safety from the source to the “tip of the tongue” and sticking to a high-standard, strict requirement self-discipline spirit during production and operation, ShouXianGu has now developed into a benchmarking enterprise in the industry of Dendrobium officinale stem and Ganoderma lucidum. 

Over the years we’ve undertaken the establishment of near 60 local standards, national standards, industrial standards, group standards, and even international standards, which helps us enhance the standardized, high-level development of the whole industry. 

We’ll never forget our original intention to keep developing safe, efficient, and quality products to serve the people. To achieve this goal, we’ll keep strengthening the quality control of the whole industrial chain, taking the major responsibility, and improving our safe food production ability. All our strict requirements, high standards, and focus on the major responsibility we take during safe food production helped us win the praise of the delegation.