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LI Mingyan Attended 2019 Boao Forum for Entrepreneurs upon Invitation

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2019 Boao Forum for Entrepreneurs, with the theme of “Innovation and quality development”, was held in Boao, Hainan between 1stand 2nd December. It was held by Xinhua Net, News and Information Center of Xinhua News Agency, China Economic Information Service, New Media Center of Xinhua News Agency, and Xinhua Daily Telegraph.

Famous entrepreneurs from different industries all over China gathered together to help Chinese enterprises make innovation and gain quality development. LI Mingyan, President of ShouXianGu, attended the event upon invitation, delivering a keynote speech focusing on “Technological innovation boosts traditional Chinese medicine”.


(LI Mingyan Delivers a Keynote Speech

Several parallel forums were held during the event, including 2019 Healthy Future Summit which was held on the afternoon of 1st December. LI mentioned in his keynote speech that to boost traditional Chinese medicine, it is necessary to promote quality standards. 

TCM, a national treasure of China, is divided into three rates—upper rate, middle rate, and lower rate—in the Compendium of Materia Medica. 

Upper rate medicine is for health care, middle rate medicine is for treatment, and lower date medicine is mostly poisonous and shouldn’t be taken for a long time. “As is mentioned in the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor, upper rate medicine is for those who haven’t fallen ill, middle rate medicine is for those who is going to fall ill, and lower rate medicine is for those who have fallen ill,” said LI. He emphasized that TCM has its own theoretical system based on thousands of years of history and it’s of great importance to help those who haven’t fallen ill stay healthy.

As to the way TCM should take to gain better development, LI said that an enterprise should calm down and select genuine traditional medicinal herbs in field segments and make research on characteristic TCM varieties. 

It is necessary to standardize the process from raw material to further processing and cooperate with overseas medical institutions, so as to convince the world of TCM step by step.