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ShouXianGu Helps a 24-Year-Old Student from China Academy of Art Who Is Fighting Against Disease

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2019 ShouXianGu Care for Students with Cancer has been well received and concerned by all walks of life since the day it started.

An enterprise with strong sense of social responsibility, ShouXianGu has kept developing through all these years and meanwhile positively fed back the society to help others and carry forward our enterprise spirit. People, as consumers, greatly enhance the development of enterprises. So when they are in need, it is time for enterprises to give. Such positive energy and warmness will encourage more social organizations and kind-hearted people to join the charity activities.

ShouXianGu’s charity activity about students with cancer has gained the attention of people from all walks of life. With novel mode, touching interview, and true case sharing, it not only shows what ShouXianGu has given and taken but interprets the selfless enterprise culture and strong sense of social responsibility of TCM enterprises.

He Zhu Li, the special program of the charity activity, interviewed a hard-working, excellent student who is fighting against cancer on 30th July, 2019, sending him care, subsidy, and ShouXianGu’s Third-Generation Sporoderm-Removal Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder. The boy’s positive and optimistic attitude toward disease and life moves many and gains the help and care from all walks of life. 24-year-old LU Ke from Guang’an, Sichuan, is a senior student of China Academy of Art. He was admitted to Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017, ready to study abroad, when a serious disease attacked him all of a sudden, changing his life completely and overcasting his family.

Luckily, every cloud has a silver lining. LU Haibo, LU Ke’s father, heard at Beijing Tiantan Hospital that there was a kind of targeted drug which could cure his son. So he and his wife rent a house near the hospital, preparing to accompany their son to fight against the disease.

Unfortunately, they were tortured by life once again. The tumor in LU Ke’s body developed a rare mutation, which required a kind of targeted drug not available in mainland China. They could buy it in Hong Kong, but though effective, the drug was too expensive for them.

At that time they’d used up the 600,000 yuan donated by teachers and students of China Academy of Art. And they were about to run out of their own money. It pained them to see their son tortured by disease day after day, but sadly they could do nothing.

It was at this critical moment that a teacher of China Academy of Art brought them a good news—ShouXianGu’s Care for Students with Cancer activity could truly help students in need. LU Haibo sent an application for his son as soon as he got the news. Fortunately, LU Ke was selected and became one of the subsidy recipients, receiving both subsidy and health products. “ShouXianGu has put charity into practice to deliver power and warmness. It brings us care and appreciation, and the hope of a better life. This is an enterprise full of positive energy,” said LU Haibo. He expressed his appreciation to ShouXianGu though touching words. YANG Yang, a reporter of the program, said that the activity continues and we hope we can bring hope to more students with cancer; the treatment of LU Ke hasn’t finished yet, but we’ll cheer up for him and accompany him along the way. Seeing the relaxed expression on LU Ke’s face, we all felt relieved. We can deeply feel the significance of what we do through every innocent smiling face and every pair of pleasant eyes.

The activity is still undergoing at present with a deadline of 23rd August, 2019. Please repost the news to bring warmness and hope to students with cancer who are in need of help. ShouXianGu is always around you.