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LI Mingyan, President of ShouXianGu, Wins “Outstanding Achievement Award” at the Second Jinhua Development Summit

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The Second Jinhua Development Summit was held at the Municipal Cultural Center on the afternoon of 16th November, 2019. Over 600 elites Wushang returned to their hometown from all over the world to relieve their homesickness and discuss on the development of the city.

This year the summit, aiming at “Joint construction of Eight Wu Counties” with the theme of “Stick to high quality and integrate into the Yangtze River Delta to jointly build a metropolitan area”, gathered guests from the government, technology circle, and industrial and commercial circle. Gaining high attention and acclaim from all walk s of life, it has become a platform to unite everyone and every power and an important carrier to enhance economic development.

The first batch of resident academicians, including REN Zhenhai, WANG Xingzhi, WANG Zherong, ZHU Weiqiu, GONG Changde, SU Zhezi, GONG Xiaonan, WANG Guangji, JIANG Zhuangde, WANG Jinnan, WU Faquan, and SHEN Weiming, jointly launched the Jinhua International Academician Innovation Center of Yangtze River Delta G60 Technological Corridor, aka Jinhua Academicians’ Home, at the opening ceremony. The Home, consisting of four functions, including academic leave, academic communication, academic discussion, and program conversion, will develop into a highland for academicians, providing powerful technological support for the economic and social development of Jinhua.

LI Mingyan, President of ShouXianGu, and other 10 talents were given “Outstanding Achievement Award” at the summit. One of the leading talents of Ten Thousand Plan and the leaders of the economic and social development of Jinhua, LI has worked hard and overcome multiple difficulties in the field of academic research, making great contribution to people’s health and the innovative development of TCM.

While being interviewed by reporters from different media after the opening ceremony was over, LI said that ShouXianGu will stick to technological innovation, positively explore the field of TCM, introduce more domestic and overseas high-tech talents, and develop quality health products, so as to keep playing a leading role in the quality development of the new era and devote himself to people’s health and happiness.