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ShouXianGu Is on the List of the 6th Zhejiang Charity Awards

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Zhejiang Civil Affairs Conference, aka the 6th Zhejiang Charity Conference, was held at Zhejiang Great Hall of the People on 19th November. ShouXianGu and other 131 groups and individuals won Zhejiang Charity Awards.

Zhejiang Charity Awards is the top prize in the charity field of Zhejiang held every three years. It has been held for five times. 

The prizewinners are mainly individuals, organizations and programs that made outstanding contribution in relieving people in stricken areas, aiding the aged, the disabled, the orphans, the poor, students and patients, enhancing the development of education, science, culture, hygiene, sports and other careers, protecting and improving ecological environment, and other charity fields between June 2016 and June 2019. ShouXianGu is on this year’s list.

Sticking to the ancestral instruction of “Be virtuous to seek quality herbal medicine, and be honest and good to benefit mankind”, ShouXianGu regards the safety and efficiency of products as the lifeblood of company development and meanwhile positively fulfills our social responsibility. We’re also one of the initiators and promoters of National Public Campaign for the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases and the head of Zhejiang station of the campaign. Public welfare is also a big concern. 

We have taken part in “Double 1,000 Pairing” plan, making donations and showing our care. Each year we donate over one million yuan through Wuyi Red Cross Society, Wuyi Charity Federation and other organizations to help the poor, support the construction of rural areas, visit the aged on festival days, and offer one-to-one help to poor students. 

LI personally donated over 1.5 million yuan to establish ShouXianGu scholarship and subsidy to praise excellent teachers and students in poor areas. In 2018, we donated 10 million yuan with other four Zhejiang enterprises to establish Zheshang Philanthropic Foundation, aiming to help vulnerable group gain better health aid and life experience.

ShouXianGu has joined “Care for Students with Cancer”, a large-scale public welfare program, together with multiple media, including Qianjiang Evening News, Hangzhou Daily, Dushi Kuaibao, Zhejiang Economic Life Channel, and HTV-2, to help the special patient group since 2018. “ShouXianGu will stick to the purpose of serving for people’s health, beauty and longevity, keep delivering positive energy to the society, continue the technological innovation of spore powder of Ganoderma lucidum, and develop health products with higher quality to help the vulnerable gain better health aid and life experience and make contribution to the building of a healthier China,” said LI Zhenyu, Assistant to Chairman of ShouXianGu. (Reported by KE Jing)