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ShouXianGu Funds Poor Students, Inspiring them to Serve the County

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The subsidy granting ceremony, with the theme of “Fulfill your dream to go to college”, was held at the HQs of ShouXianGu by Wuyi Charity Federation and ShouXianGu on 30th August, 2019. 

Over 30 people joined and witnessed this heart-warming event, including SHEN Zhaohua, Chairman of Wuyi Charity Federation, XU Zhengping, Deputy Secretary General of Wuyi Charity Federation, LI Mingyan, President of ShouXianGu, SONG Yonghong, Deputy General Manager of ShouXianGu, college freshmen and their families, and staff.

LI Mingyan has paid great attention to charity donation and talent cultivation over the years. He donated one million yuan to set up ShouXianGu Charity Foundation in 2018. Part of the donation is for “Fulfill your dream to go to college” only, aiming to help poor students get through financial difficulty and fulfill their dreams to study in college.

The attendees watched a promotion video of ShouXianGu and listened to brief introduction of the history and development of the enterprise, gaining a more rational and overall understanding of this national high-tech enterprise which is not only a China Time-Honored Brand but the leading establisher of TCM Ganoderma lucidum and TCM Dendrobium officinale stem.

LI delivered the subsidy to each student in person, talked with them amiably, and sent his encouragement and best wishes.LI talked about his efforts and feelings as a student in the old days and expected the students could make more contribution to the country through their own diligence and wisdom.

He said that we must see our true self and equip ourselves with the confidence to make efforts, the courage to fight, and the wisdom to peak, so as to become the talents our country needs in the future. Young people are our future and driving force of development. They should keep learning new knowledge and accumulating experiences and be aware of the responsibility to make innovation and breakthrough. In this way they could make great contribution to the country and the people and take the responsibility of their own life and family.

All students signed a letter of commitment after the ceremony, and one of them, on behalf of the rest, read it out passionately. They all promise to work harder and spend the subsidy on their study to develop into a person of value to the society and the country and hand this kindness down.

ShouXianGu, funding poor students and getting involved in charity positively, has always taken a lead in health industry. In the future we’ll keep providing help for poor students with excellent study performance and fine qualities, putting the donation activity into practice, and promoting positive energy, so as to encourage more people to join charity activities.