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ShouXianGu Making Donations to Help Needy Students “Realize Their College Dream”

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The Grant Award Ceremony with the theme of “Realizing the College Dream” was jointly held by “Wuyi Charity Federation and ShouXianGu Botanical Co., Ltd. on 31 August 2018 at ShouXianGu Headquarters. Wuyi Charity Federation’s President SHEN Chaohua and Secretary-General ZHANG Shuhua, former Deputy Director of Wuyi Civil Affairs Bureau WU Chentu and ShouXianGu’s CEO XU Zigui as well as the grantees and their parents attended the ceremony. 

President SHEN Chaohua remarked seriously, “Among a great many applicants, a total of 9 college freshmen who are excellent in character and learning are identified by the representatives of Wuyi Charity Federation and ShouXianGu as grantees to be financially aided until they achieve academic success after repeated visits and in-depth investigations. These nine students are representatives of those who keep studying hard despite their poor economic situation which is caused by one or both of their parents’ disability due to injury or need of long-term medical treatment for severe diseases (like tumor or cerebral injury), or death or growing up in a divorced family. Some of these students even come from urban and rural low-income families or families in extreme poverty. Born in humble families, they, however, seem to be still optimistic, confident and full of vigor as they grow up in an atmosphere of social care and family care.

At the award ceremony, the attendees watched ShouXianGu’s corporate culture promotion video, listened to the company leader’s introduction to the basic information of the company’s century inheritance, innovation and entrepreneurship for further development. After that, people have had a more rational and profound understanding of this company being honored as the time-honored Chinese enterprise, national high-tech enterprise and leading international TCM standard setting unit. 

Soon afterward, ShouXianGu’s CEO XU Zigui, on behalf of the company’s Chairman LI Mingyan, distributed the student grant of RMB 5,000 Yuan each in red envelope for the first academic year to these nine students. The move not only makes these students feel the company’s great concern about poor students and allows them to keep in mind the demands and hopes of the company’s leaders towards them.

“We are with poor economic conditions, but fortunately we are living in such a society with no lack of love and where the Party and the government are much more concerned about us. Today, when we meet financial difficulties for our children to receive higher education, ShouXianGu gives us the helping hand and care, which makes us feel very warm and even more confident in future life. We hereby wish the company a better future,” a grantee’s parent said emotionally. 

A tall and handsome guy who has been admitted to university with a total of 651 points, made a speech on behalf of the grantees. He expressed their thanks to the Party, the government and the company for their care about them.

Consciously realizing that they have to assume relevant responsibilities upon the acceptance of the care, he said they would work harder to achieve excellent academic results in order to thank the Party, the government and the company leaders and employees for their hope and encouragement.

Leader WU Chentu, person in charge of charity in Wuyi Civil Affairs Bureau pointed out in the speech, “You are lucky to be given selfless financial support from the company and you are expected to study hard to become talents. Our charity federation will manage your four years of study and life in the university, and share with you your growth process and happiness of success”.

Wuyi Charity Federation’s President SHEN Chaohua made closing remarks, hoping the grantees could all be good students who are excellent in character and learning. He said, “In some ways, your families are unfortunate as you are suffering from economic difficulties, but you are also lucky, because you live in a new society of love. ShouXianGu’s Chairman LI Mingyan, who is enthusiastic about public welfare, has made generous donations to help needy students to get education, making a good start in this regard. It is my hope that there can be more and more such benevolent companies”. 

 After the award ceremony, all students present signed the commitment, stating that they will study harder with the student grant and strive to spread the love and warmth they have been given by achieving an early success and making contributions to the society and the country.

In the aspect of providing financial aid for public interest to contribute to the society, ShouXianGu has always been at the forefront of the health industry. The company’s Chairman LI Mingyan is both an expert and an entrepreneur who pays much attention to talent development, especially local needy college students of good character and fine scholarship. 

When he learned from the Wuyi Charity Federation’s President SHEN Chaohua that there was a group of students in Wuyi County who participated in the 2018 college entrance examination and reached admission line to first-tier universities announced by the Ministry of Education, but were unable to pay tuition due to economic difficulties, requiring urgent donations, he proactively donated RMB 1 million Yuan to set up the Longevity Valley Charitable Foundation, which is expected to give back to the society by helping the needy students. Meanwhile, “Care for Health, Hope for Students” – ShouXianGu’s Public Welfare Action for Students with Tumor jointly initiated by ShouXianGu together with several other media including among others Hangzhou Daily, Urban Express, ZTV-3 and HTV-2, is also being promoted and carried out in the land of love - Zhejiang.