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ShouXianGu Wins “Organization Donation Award”, Zhejiang’s Top Government Charity Award, at the 6th Zhejiang Charity Conference

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The Provincial Civil Affairs Conference, aka the 6th Zhejiang Charity Conference, was held at Zhejiang Great Hall of the People by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government on the afternoon of 19th November. LI Jiheng, Minister and Secretary of the leading Party group of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, CHE Jun, Secretary of provincial Party committee, and YUAN Jiajun, Governor of Zhejiang Province, attended the conference and delivered a speech.

Prize-winning organizations, individuals and programs of the 6th Zhejiang Charity Award were honored at the conference. ShouXianGu Botanical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ShouXianGu) won Organization Donation Award for keeping fulfilling enterprise social responsibility sticking to the principle of “Serve for people’s health, beauty and longevity”.

This year there were 132 prize winners in total, including 2 Outstanding Contribution in Charity Awards, 10 Charity Model Awards, 30 Individual Donation Awards, 30 Organization Donation Awards, 30 Charity Program Awards, 20 Voluntary Service Awards, and 10 Poverty Alleviation Awards.

Charity should be a long-lasting career that echoes the call of the era. ShouXianGu has always taken a lead in the health industry to make donation and feed back the society. During the past years ShouXianGu has played a positive part in chronic disease prevention and treatment, poverty alleviation, caring for cancer patients, and other fields.

Besides, ShouXianGu has also taken part in “Double 1,000 Pairing” plan, making donations and showing our care. Each year we donate over one million yuan through Wuyi Red Cross Society, Wuyi Charity Federation and other organizations to help the poor, support the construction of rural areas, visit the aged on festival days, and offer one-to-one help to poor students.

LI Mingyan offered a subsidy to establish LI Mingyan Charity Foundation to praise excellent teachers, students and families in poor areas. Among the many charity honors we’ve received are China Red Cross Humanity Service Medal, China Red Cross Devotion Medal, silver prize of Zhejiang Red Cross Meritorious Organization Award, Advanced Group of Jinhua Red Cross Philanthropic Exploit Award, Charity Award of the Second Wuyi Charity Award, and gold prize of Wuyi Red Cross Exploit Award.