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Breeding of Improved Varieties

ShouXianGu has put into place a germplasm resources bank of ganoderma lucidum and dendrobium officinale stem through general surveys of germplasm resources and been devoted to the fundamental research of traditional Chinese medicinal materials and the protection, research and development of endangered and rare medicinal plants.

Thanks to the advanced space mutation breeding and other advanced breeding techniques, we have bred seven new varieties of superior traditional Chinese medicinal materials including lentinus edodes, ganoderma lucidum, dendrobium officinale stem and saffron, such as Wuxiang 1, Xianzhi 1, Xianzhi 2, Xianhu 1, Xianhu 2, Xianhu 3, Fanhong 1 and Shouju 1.


I/Xianzhi 1

"Xianzhi 1" is the first new variety of ganoderma lucidum approved by the variety examination and approval committee above the provincial level. The content of ganoderma polysaccharides and triterpenoids as its main functional components is 30% higher than that in the International General Day and match Korean ganoderma lucidum. It has been collected by the Herbarium Mycologicum Academiae Sinicae (HMAS), Chinese Academy of Sciences.


II/Xianzhi 2

"Xianzhi 2" is a new variety developed by ShouXianGu with the intellectual property right and has an increased content of polysaccharides and triterpenoids by 19.67% and 21.26% respectively compared with "Xianzhi 1". Its dried sporocarp has a yield 21.6% higher than that of "Xianzhi 1". As its content of active ingredients is much higher than that of Korean ganoderma lucidum and Japanese red ganoderma lucidum, it represents one of the world's best new varieties of ganoderma lucidum.

III/Xianhu 1

The variety is characterized by good survival rate, strong stress resistance and high yield. Its polysaccharide content is as high as 47.1% (10.78% of alcohol soluble extract, 21.3% of mannose, the mannose-to-glucose peak area ratio being 3.6, and polysaccharide being 88% higher than that specified in the pharmacopoeia).


IV/Xianhu 2

This variety is high-yielding and marketable and has its polysaccharides as high as 58.7% (11.38% of alcohol soluble extract, 27.2% of mannose, the mannose-to-glucose peak area ratio being 2.7, meeting the index requirement of the pharmacopoeia and polysaccharide being 134% higher than that specified in the pharmacopoeia).

V/Xianhu 3

It is a hybrid of "514" and Xianhu 1 after spaceflight mutation and systematic breeding. This variety is high-yielding and marketable and has its content of extracts as high as 17.1%.


VI/Fanhong 1

"Fanhong 1" represents a new variety of saffron with independent property right. It is characterized with superior quality, strong disease resistance, high yield and high medical content.

VII/Wuxiang 1

It is China's first high temperature lentinus edodes variety and featured with trong resistance to high temperature, early fruiting and high and stable yield. It is one of the main high temperature lentinus edodes in China at present.